About CollGEN2

The CollGen2® ionic colloidal silver generator is a revolutionary piece of equipment that produces a liquid suspension of silver particles that can be used for myriad purposes.

While there are similar types of colloidal silver generators, none compare to the CollGen2®. What differentiates the CollGen2® from other generators is its ability to create such microscopic pieces of silver, registering five parts per million. There are more ions of silver in one tablespoon of CollGen2®’s solution than there are cells in the human body. The distributors of the CollGen2® system understand that smaller colloids mean stronger, more effective solutions.

While colloidal silver is widely used for medical purposes, the CollGen2® manufacturers recognize there are other benefits of this solution. Colloidal silver is used to sterilize and clean a wide range of objects, from surgical utensils to eyeglasses. In addition, colloidal silver can be used to prevent decay and odors and to stop mildew, mold, and fungi from growing on surfaces such as food containers. Colloidal silver is applied to mattresses to kill dust mites, and it can help heal baby rashes. The solution can even be used for soaking dentures or cleaning vegetables and fruits.

With the CollGen2® ionic colloidal silver generator, people can produce a gallon of colloidal silver for pennies, whereas other prefilled gallons can cost as much as 75 dollars or more. Many people use the CollGen® machines to produce and sell ionic colloidal silver, and they sell the 5 ppm ionic colloidal silver for as much as $800.00 per gallon. The CollGen2® is very economical considering that people pay upwards of $20.00 for 2 to 4 ounces. A quick search for 5 ppm ionic colloidal silver reveals how much the ICS made from one of Fred Peschel's machines costs. The CollGen2® is exceptionally durable and is able to produce thousands of gallons of colloidal silver in its lifetime.

To read more about the CollGen2® or to order a generator, visit www.collgen2.com.

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